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Make Space with Storage Containers

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Whether for the office or for the warehouse, storage containers are useful and dependable for taking advantage of available space.

Designed with 14-gauge steel for maximum durability and 1 inch-thick wood floors, these containers can be fabricated according to one’s needs and requirements. They can be insulated or refrigerated as per requirement.

Door options are available as well as electrical, climate control, restroom facilities, windows, floor covering and ventilation, which can be modified according to specifications. Containers are available in three different dimensions of 10, 20 or 40 feet. They can be used for immense storage, shipment or even as a makeshift office, with air-conditioning and ventilation specifications.

Aztec Containers offers specialty storage containers, either for lease, rent, or purchase. In business since 1969, Aztec Containers puts together a wide range of storage units as well as professional assistance for clients who seek to make more space with storage options.

For more information, please visit the company website,, or call 800-399-2126.

Versatility in Multi-Purpose 40’ Containers

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40’ containers provide ample and secure storage space for various business and personal needs.

Containerization began in the 1780s, albeit those were of significantly smaller sized as compared to the ones used presently. Now, not only are these storage containers bigger, they are also fabricated out of heavy-duty steel and installed with one-inch wood flooring to ensure strength and durability and carrying heavy loads.

Meant to store huge quantities of various items for more efficient logistics, these storage containers can also be modified to include door, windows and electrical systems. Each container’s insulation and ventilation can also be specified according to the cargo or usage requirements.

The 40’ containers are also widely used as temporary office space, as they provide the necessary space, are portable enough to be transported to any area, and can be fabricated with a toilet and bath for convenience.

Aztec Containers offers these storage containers for rent, lease or for purchase, available in various other sizes. For more information, visit the company website or call 800-399-2126.